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Industrial Up Discharge Basket Centrifuge
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PS Series Industrial Up Discharge Basket Centrifuge Type Solid liquid Separator For Pharmacy

Industrial Up Discharge Basket Centrifuge Type Solid liquid Separator For Pharmacy

PS Vertical Basket Centrifuge

PS Series Pharmaceutical Centrifuge

PS Series Verical Top Discharge filtering Centrifuge

PS Series Grade A/B Clean Type Centrifuge 

Clean Type Centrifuge

Basket Centrifuge



PS Series Centrifuge widely applies to separate /dehydrate kinds of suspension, the solid can be granular, powder, crystal,fibrous used in pharmaceutical, chemical , food,.It also applies to dehydrate the work pieces, yarn, cloth and so on.

Working Principle 

When the motor drives the Basket, the materials to be separated fed into and distributed on the wall of the drum. Stop feeding until up to the max. loading capacity, continuously speed up the basket. And Under the action of the centrifugal force, the liquid phase through out the filter bag and the basket, and move out of the machine(centrifuge), the solid phase stay at the filter bag, after the washing and separation. Stop the machine working, open the cover by the mechanical banlancer and discharge the solid cake by manual or siphon pipe.( by the way the process of washing can begin at the same time with that of separation or after the separation)


PS centrifuge is designed according to GMP standard and environmental requirements, it is kind of vertical full sealed top discharge filtering centrifuge , it is also called the clean type centrifuge ,PS series are kinds of improved centrifuges on the basic of SS series.

1. Reasonable optional stepless starting up 

2. Matching non-contact braking system, it is easy to maintain

3. Higher efficiency of dewatering with unique design of inner drum, especially applies to eiderdown operation.

4. Matching liquid block damper stops the liquid enter the crack of the drum and the shell

5. Plate type structure, it not only lowers the centre of the gravity and make the machine running more steadily. But also it can be used as the operation plate and making the process more easy

6. No noise with high quality shock absorber on the legs

7.Can be up Grade A clean type, surppot for CIP/SIP cleaning operation

Technical parameter:

Industrial Up Discharge Centrifuge



Apply to separate the suspended liquid , the solid can be powder, granular, crystal and fibrous. and the diameter of the solid larger than 0.01 mm. it also applies to dewater the work pieces like yarn, textiles and so on.

Vertical Basket Centrifuge


1.Chemical Industry: gypsum, thiamin, salt, ferric sulfate, boric acid, borax, rubber additive, dye, and other chemical products.

2.Food industry: kitchen salt, sodium glutamate, food additive, Chemical seasonings, sugar

3.Pharmaceutical:Extraction of vitamin, biotic, traditional Chinese medicine and other various drugs

4.Mine and Metallurgy: Copper, zinc, minerals, and metal refining

5. Environmental Protection: with acid discharge, pure water sludge and sewage sludge, etc

Working Condition

1 The materials to be separated are suspend liquid ,solid-liquid and so on .

2 There are density contract of the suspended liquid

3 the concentration of the solid phase from 5% to 75% . and the diameter of the solid phase > 0.05mm

4 Working temperature: no more than 100 c

Optional Parameter

1 Material contacting the liquid to be separated : Carbon steel(G), Corrosion resisting steel (N)ss304/ss316/ss316L, Titanium(I), Metal coat (J), Rubber ,and so on

2 Motor Type: General motor , Frequency General Motor ,Explosion proof Motor or Frequency Explosion proof Motor


Basket Centrifuge


 Industrial Up Discharge CentrifugeVertical Basket Centrifuge










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