Bag-lifting Top Discharge Centrifuges

  • Flat Vertical Bag lifting Top Discharge Filter Centrifuge

    Flat Vertical Bag lifting Top Discharge Filter Centrifuge

    Apply to separate (dehydrate ) the suspension liquid , the solid can be powder, granular, crystal and fibrous. and the diameter of the solid larger than 0.01 mm. it also applies to dewater the work pieces like yarn, textiles and so on.
    1. Chemical Industry: gypsum, thiamin, salt, ferric sulfate, boric acid, borax, rubber additive, dye, and other chemical products.
    2. Food industry: kitchen salt, sodium glutamate, food additive, Chemical seasonings, sugar
    3. Pharmaceutical:Extraction of vitamin, biotic, traditional Chinese medicine Amino acids, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and other various drugs
    4. Mine and Metallurgy: Copper, zinc, minerals, and metal refining
    5. Environmental Protection: with acid discharge, pure water sludge and sewage sludge, ect

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  • Bag Lifting Type Four Point Centrifuge

    Bag Lifting Type Four Point Centrifuge

    Once the materials to be separated enter the fast-spinning and distributed on the wall of the basket, it will be filtrated by the filter liner under the centrifugal force.but the solids deposit on the internal wall of the basket. Once the solid cake reach the rate capacity,feeding stop, Clean the solids cake, and then drain out the washing water. stop the machine. For SD, PD series, open the cover, using the filter liner lifting tool pull out the filtering liner with solid cake, and take to the discharging place. Open the bag and take out the solid cake. Put the liner back to the machine for the next batch.

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